A Resource for Young Lawyers

Young Lawyers Will Benefit from Career Advice in books by Susan Smith Blakely

Recent law school graduates face challenging transitions, significant uncertainty starting out in their careers, and pressure to create fulfilling lives and careers that will sustain them for years to come.  The Best Friends at the Bar books and What Millennial Lawyers Want address work-life challenges, professional expectations, and savvy approaches to careers in the law by sharing wisdom and insights from a wide range of practitioners. It’s an amazing gift for a young lawyer. Do you know anyone like Lisa?

Lisa is a recent law school graduate starting off in a practice and she’s facing difficult decisions about work-life balance and her future.

Happily, her mentor heard about a great resource and suggested she read Susan Blakely’s books. It was written specifically for young lawyers like Lisa, and provides the career advice she needs to navigate a demanding and complicated profession.

Planning a career is hard, and many young professionals struggle to overcome the burden of work-life balance—especially in a demanding field like the law. Thanks to the books, Lisa is learning how to chart her own course, make better and more appropriate choices, define her own success, and manage her expectations. What a relief for Lisa to know that there doesn’t have to be a right answer for everyone, just a right answer for her.

In the Best Friends at the Bar books, more than 60 seasoned lawyers and judges share their stories to help young lawyers avoid mistakes of the past. Whenever the topic of a career in law comes up now, Lisa tells her friends that they can’t afford to miss this messages about success and work-life balance.

Susan Smith Blakely has mentored young lawyers throughout her career and is happy to meet with groups of students or recent law school graduates to offer personalized law career counseling. If you or someone you know would benefit from career counseling, contact Susan to set up an appointment.

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